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Film Line Enterprise
Valian Film Company
  Wang Ye Ma Qian (1966)
  Ghost Lamp (1970)
  The Fairy Fox and Ghost (1970)
  A Chance for a Husband (1970)
  One Who Is Unforgettable (1970)
  Duel with Samurai (1971)
  Duel with Devil (1971)
  Battles with the Red Boy (1971)
  The Devilish Killer (1971)
  The Eight Dragon Swords (1971)
  Cold Wind Hands (1972)
  Chaochow Guy (1972)
  Kung-Fu King (1973)
  The Angry Hero (1973)
  The Trap of Love (1973)
  Iron Ox, the Tiger's Killer (1974)
  The Dragon Killer (1975)
  An Everlasting Love (1977)
  Tough Guy (1978)
  Love Pursuit (1978)
  The Birth Goddess (1978)
  Lv Dong-Bin Tricks Bai Mu-Dan Three Times (1978)
  A Love Retarded (1979)
  12 Baldheaded Beauties (1979)
  Bruce and the Iron Finger (1979)
  Iron Fisted Eagle's Claw (1979)
  Yi Ge Wen Ti Xue Sheng (1980)
  Born in Coffin (1980)
  Night Evil Soul (1980)
  The Clones of Bruce Lee (1980)
  Dragon Bruce Lee, Part II (1981)
  Dragon Lee Fights Again (1981)
  The Witch with Flying Head (1982)
  The Fairy and the Devil (1982)
  Devil's Curse (1988)
  Bed Companion (1988)
  Monkey Vs Bull (1989)
  The Dragon Fighter (1990)
  The Spiritual Love (1992)
  The Lady Punisher (1994)
  Revenge of the Shaolin Kid (1978)
  Mysterious Footworks of Kung Fu (1978)
  Bruce and the Iron Finger (1979)