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China Motion Picture Studio

  My Homeland (1945)
  Wake Up from Nightmare (1951)
  Yang Nu Hu (1957)
  On Mount Hehuan (1958)
  When Spring Comes (1963)
  Hometown Plunders (1966)
  Men of the Skies (1967)
  Storm Over the Yang-Tse River (1969)
  Taipeh, Shanghai, Chungking (1970)
  The Story of Ti-Ying (1971)
  Great Toast Song (1974)
  The Naval Commandos (1977)
  The Battle of Guningtou (1979)
  Off to Success (1979)
  The Captain and I (1981)
  The Sunset in Geneva (1986)
  Thank You Sir (1987)
  A Beancurd Shih Sze (1959)
  Romance in Law and Order (1960)
  The Story of Ti-Ying (1971)
  The Naval Commandos (1977)
Recording Studio
  A Home Too Far (1990)