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Sum Hou
Filmography (1955-1964)
  Assistant Director (1 film)
    Love and War (1959)    
  Art Director (12 films)
    Blood Will Tell (1955)    
    Tradition (1955)    
    A Dark Wench (1956)    
    Sweet as a Melon (1956)    
    The Lovers and the Python (1956)    
    Corpse-Drivers of Xiangxi (1957)    
    The Autumn Phoenix (1957)    
    The Enchanting Shadow (1960)    
    Yang Kwei Fei (1962)    
    Lady with the Lute (1963)    
    Liang San Poh and Chu Ing Tai (1964)    
    The Story of Qin Xiang-Lian (1964)