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Hsieh I-Hsiung
Aliases:  Xie Yi-Xiong
Filmography (1974-1981)
  Sound Recordist (1 film)
    The Battle for the Republic of China (1981)    
  Editor (17 films)
    Sweet Seventeen (1974)    
    Gone with the Cloud (1974)    
    Hot Wave (1975)    
    A Piano (1975)    
    The Star (1976)    
    Victory (1976)    
    Ri Luo Bei Jing Cheng (1977)    
    News from the Star (1977)    
    Boxer, Lover, Lawyer (1977)    
    Green Mountains (1977)    
    Upstairs and Downstairs (1979)    
    The Flying Tigers and the Kung Fu Kids (1980)    
    Lonely Famous Sword (1980)    
    Lotus Triangle (1980)    
    If I Were for Real (1981)    
    Love Me, Love Me Not (1981)    
    Kuo-Hao Crams for College (1981)