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Yang Fan (9)
Aliases:  Yang Feng,  Yang Fang,  Yeung Fan

Filmography (1961-1971)
  Director (12 films)
    Lit Lui Biu Foo Chau (1961)    
    Birthday Ceremony (1961)    
    Leung San Par Chok Ying Toi (1963)    
    The Crab's Song (1964)    
    Sai Seung Gei (1964)    
    Let's Get Married (1965)    
    The Pearl Phoenix (1967)    
    The Imperial Warrant (1968)    
    The Charming Killer (1969)    
    Mad Dragon (1969)    
    Xiu Niang (1970)    
    A Ghost's Moaning (1971)    
  Writer (2 films)
    Sai Seung Gei (1964)    
    The Charming Killer (1969)    
  Also directed Chiu Chow dialect films.