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Yang Fang (1)  ♂
Aliases:  Yang Fan,  Yang Feng,  Sherman,  Yang Kuang-Hsi
Born: 1941

Filmography (1963-1972)
  Director (1 film)
    Love Song Over the Sea (1970)    
  Actor (16 films)
    Our Neighbors (1963) ... Hsu Chi-Ming
    King Drummer (1967) ... Sun Yi Qiang
    My Dreamboat (1967) ... Du Jia Wen
    When the Clouds Roll By (1968) ... Dr Li Yi Fei
    Summer Heat (1968) ... Zhu Xiao Chun
    Spring Blossoms (1968) ... Wu Shao Ji
    Torrent of Desire (1969) ... Chen Han-Ming
    Love Song Over the Sea (1970)    
    The Younger Generation (1970) ... Chiang Shao Wen
    Apartment for Ladies (1970) ... Wang Tak Sang
    The Orchid (1970) ... Qin Bang-Wen
    Young Lovers (1970) ... Li Ying-Wei
    Husband, Wife, Maid (1971)    
    Love Melody (1971)    
    The Bride from Hell (1972) ... Nie Yun Peng
    Crying from City (1972) ... Yi Hang
  Yang Fang was born Yang Guangxi in Sichuan in 1943 and raised in Taiwan, where he graduated from the National Film & Theater College. He joined Shaw Brothers in 1966 and had his first major role in My Dream Boat, the movie that propelled him to stardom. Among his most famous films are When The Clouds Roll By, Torrent Of Desire, and Love Song Over The Sea. Upon the completion of his Shaw Brothers contract in 1970, he had returned to Taiwan to continue his acting career. (CelestialPictures)