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Huang I-Lung  ♂
Aliases:  Huang Yi-Long,  Wang I-Lung,  Wang Yi-Lung,  Wang Ye-Lung,  Jacky Chan Jr.,  Wong Yat-Lung

Filmography (1977-1983)
  Actor (9 films)
    Lantern Festival Adventure (1977)    
    Snuff-Bottle Connection (1977) ... Xiao Do Sze
    Tiger and Cliff (1977)    
    The Jade Fox (1979)    
    Sleeping Fist (1979) ... The kid
    Cunning Kids (1980)    
    Kung Fu Kids Break Away (1980) ... San Mao
    The Thundering Mantis (1980) ... The Kid
    The Night Ever So Long (1983)