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Cao Xue-Qin
Aliases:  Chou Shut-Kan
Filmography (1936-1988)
  Story (12 films)
    Farewell, Flowers (1936)    
    The Flower Drops by the Red Chamber (1950)    
    Modern Red Chamber Dream (1952)    
    Grand View Garden (1954)    
    The Tragic Death of Lin Daiyu (1954)    
    The Romantic Monk (1956)    
    The Death of Daiyu (1956)    
    Dream of the Red Chamber (1962)    
    Lamenting the Fallen Petals (1962)    
    The Dream of the Red Chamber (1977)    
    The Dream of Red Mansions, Part 1 (1988)    
    Dream of Red Mansions - Part 2 (1988)