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Hsiao Yen-Chiu  ♀
Aliases:  Siu Yim-Chau,  Xiao Yan-Qiu
Born: 1933

Filmography (1955-1960)
  Actor (17 films)
    Tao Hua Guo Du (1955)    
    Mad Woman (1957)    
    Seaside Breeze (1957)    
    Strange Story of Crematory (1957)    
    Xuemei Misses Her Husband (1958)    
    The Love Between a Human and a Ghost (1958)    
    A Woman Searches For Her Husband (1958)    
    A-Lan (1958)    
    Wu Qing Hen Bo Ming (1958)    
    On Mount Hehuan (1958)    
    Really Hard to Realize Beeing Jilted (1958)    
    Sisters Two (1958)    
    My Darling Sister (1959)    
    Luo Xiao-Hu and Yu Jia-Long (1959)    
    Lady Peach Blossum (1959)    
    Autumn Hate (1960)    
    Lonely Daugther Avenge Mother's Hatred (1960)