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Tong Chan (2)
Aliases:  Tong Chen,  Ton Chen
Filmography (1966-1984)
  Assistant Director (2 films)
    Carry On Police (1982)    
    Obsessed (1983)    
  Script Supervisor (11 films)
    Who Is More Beautiful? (1966)    
    Finding a Wife in a Blind Way (1967)    
    Adventures of Sun Ma-chai (1967)    
    Wong Fei-Hung: Duel for the Championship (1968)    
    Bloody Handkerchief (1969)    
    Breakout from Oppression (1978)    
    Crazy Couple (1979)    
    The Struggle (1980)    
    Rolls, Rolls, I Love You (1982)    
    Red Panther (1983)    
    Dress Off for Life (1984)