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Tong Yin-Shu
Aliases:  Tung Ling-Shu,  Tung Jing-Su,  Tong Ching-Shu,  Tung Chin-Shu,  Tung Kam-Shu
Filmography (1978-1991)
  Production Manager (19 films)
    The Misty Moon (1978)    
    The Wild Goose on the Wing (1979)    
    Love Under a Rosy Sky (1979)    
    Love Seed (1979)    
    Errant Love (1980)    
    The Buddha Assassinator (1980)    
    The Marigolds (1980)    
    Don't Forget the Promise (1980)    
    My Cape of Many Dreams (1981)    
    Asking the Sunset (1981)    
    Burn Phoenix Burn (1982)    
    Last Night's Light (1982)    
    Dragon Lord (1982)    
    Ninja in the Dragon's Den (1982)    
    The Trail (1983)    
    The Campus Incidents. (1985)    
    The Outsiders (1986)    
    Sun Hsiao Mao Mo Jie Li Hsian (1986)    
    Dangerous Choices (1989)    
  Actor (1 film)
    Don't Forget the Promise (1980)    
  Planning (1 film)
    Love in Venice (1991)