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Hsiao Yin-Fang
Aliases:  Siu Yam-Fong,  C. F. Hsiao,  Hsiao Chin-Fang,  Hsiao Ching-Fang,  Hsiao Ching-Fan

Filmography (1970-1993)
  Producer (2 films)
    The Fighting Dragon (1975)    
    Thunder Cat Woman (1985)    
  Production Manager (3 films)
    The Devil's Treasure (1973)    
    The Skyhawk (1974)    
    Tiger of Northland (1976)    
  Actor (2 films)
    A Man Called Tiger (1973) ... Gambling Yakuza Boss
    The Private Eyes (1976) ... Cinema manager Chan
  Presenter (2 films)
    The Sexual World (1970)    
    Fool of Love (1993)