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Zhang Peng (3)
Aliases:  Cheung Pang (3),  Peng Zhang

Filmography (2004-2018)
  Action Director (4 films)
    Switch (2013)    
    A Choo! (2013)    
    The Wrath of Vajra (2013)    
    Urban Games (2014)    
  Assistant Director (1 film)
    Switch (2013)    
  Director (2 films)
    Urban Games (2014)    
    Asura (2018)    
  Actor (3 films)
    Seven Swords (2005) ... [Stunt]
    Love in Macau (2006) ... Bodyguard
    The Guillotines (2012)    
  Assistant Action Director (1 film)
    The Twins Effect II (2004)    
  Fight choreographer/stuntman on many Hollywood movies like KICK-ASS and 47 RONIN. Zhang Peng's career as a Hollywood stunt coordinator goes back two decades (Ant-Man, The Twilight Saga, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World).