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Yau Yee-Chan
Aliases:  Yu I-Chen
Filmography (1975-1996)
  Makeup (1 film)
    General Invincible (1983)    
  Hair Stylist (25 films)
    The Majesty Cat (1975)    
    The Best of Shaolin Kung Fu (1976)    
    Demon Strike (1979)    
    Dance of Death (1979)    
    The Silver Spear (1979)    
    Wanderer with Nimble Knife (1979)    
    The Romantic Double Rings (1979)    
    Awe Inspiring Weapon (1980)    
    Chu Liu Hsiang and Hu Tieh Hua (1980)    
    Black Eagle's Blades (1981)    
    Wolf Devil Woman (1982)    
    Miraculous Sword Art (1982)    
    Jade Dagger Ninja (1982)    
    Sheng Tiao Hero (1982)    
    Matching Escort (1982)    
    Attack of the Joyful Goddess (1983)    
    The Denouncement of Chu Liu Hsiang (1983)    
    The Tantana (1991)    
    Clans of Interigue (1993)    
    Jin Pin Mei (1996)    
    New Jin Pin Mei I (1996)    
    New Jin Pin Mei II (1996)    
    New Jin Pin Mei III (1996)    
    New Jin Pin Mei IV (1996)    
    New Jin Pin Mei V (1996)