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Tam Wang-Yuen
Aliases:  Tam Mang-Yuen
Filmography (1934-1968)
  Producer (1 film)
    It Will Pay Off (1949)    
  Sound Recordist (154 films)
    Song of the Fisherman (1934)    
    The Desert Flower (1937)    
    Tears of the Returned One (1947)    
    Mr. Guangdong Explored the Corrupted Temple (1948)    
    Mysterious Mind of a Woman (1948)    
    Second Attempt (1948)    
    Blood, Rouge and Tears (1950)    
    A Hero of Troubled Times (1950)    
    Devil's Family (1950)    
    Mother and Son in Grief (1951)    
    Who Will Sympathize with Stepmother? (1951)    
    A Hall Packed with Riches (1951)    
    Red and White Peonies (1952)    
    The Legend of Madame White Snake (1952)    
    Peach Blossoms Fount by Night (1952)    
    How the Red Maid Thrice Mocked Cheung Kwun-Shui (1952)    
    Foster-Daddy's Romantic Affairs (1952)    
    Wise Guy (1952)    
    A Couple in Love (1952)    
    Joyous Reunion (1952)    
    Money Talks (1953)    
    The Beautiful Girl of Yao Mountian (1953)    
    First Come, First Serve (1953)    
    The Rendezvous (1953)    
    A Woman's Love (1953)    
    Yuan Yang Jie (1953)    
    Bright Night (1953)    
    Sweet Seventeen (1954)    
    Far Away (1954)    
    Autumn (1954)    
    The Miserable Couple (1954)    
    Like the Clouds' Swift Passage (1954)    
    Homeless Girl (1954)    
    Tragedy of Divorce (1954)    
    Blood-Stained Flowers (1954)    
    The Noble Family (1954)    
    The 7 Heroes Versus the Shrew (1955)    
    The Renewal of an Ancient Garden (1955)    
    The Hypocritical Heart (1955)    
    Fleeting Riches (1955)    
    Village Girl (1955)    
    Love (Part 1) (1955)    
    Love (Part 2) (1955)    
    The Merry Month of May (1955)    
    Backyard Adventures (1955)    
    The Five Tiger Heroes (1955)    
    Memories of a Drifting Life (1955)    
    Wu Song's Bloody Fight on Lion's Bower (1956)    
    Oriole's Song (1956)    
    A Thousand Flowers Bloom (1956)    
    A Matter of Face (1956)    
    The Peach-Blossoms Are Still in Bloom (1956)    
    Wong Fei-Hung Goes to a Birthday Party at Guanshan (1956)    
    The Romantic Monk (1956)    
    Xi Shi (1956)    
    The Precious Lotus Lamp (1956)    
    Wong Fei-Hung and the Lantern Festival Disturbance (1956)    
    Beauty Raised from the Dead (1956)    
    How Wong Fei-Hung Fought Five Dragons Single-handedly (1956)    
    Wong Fei-Hung's Pilgrimage to Goddess of the Sea Temple (1956)    
    The Flame of Love (1956)    
    Wong Fei-Hung's Battle at Shuangmendi (1956)    
    Gao Junbao, a Spy in the Fort (1956)    
    A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1957)    
    Love in the Perilous Sea (1957)    
    Caught in the Act (1957)    
    Wong Fei-Hung, King of Lion Dance (1957)    
    The War Between Chu and Han (1957)    
    Nazha's Adventures in the East Sea (1957)    
    Best Fortune (1957)    
    The Fairy in the Picture (1957)    
    Naughty Princes, Proud Husband (1957)    
    The Lizhi's Tale (1957)    
    The Crab Beauty (Part 1) (1957)    
    She's So Neat (1957)    
    Blood and Gold (1957)    
    The Precious Fan (1957)    
    Booze, Boobs and Bucks (1957)    
    Taking the Birthday Gifts Caravan by Strategy (1957)    
    The Fairy Shepherdess (1958)    
    Wong Fei-Hung Seizes the Bride at Xiguan (1958)    
    Fan Lihua Bears a Son in the Golden-Light Militia (1958)    
    The Seven Good Wives (1958)    
    Beauty Fades from Twelve Ladies' Bower (1958)    
    The Lovers on the Milky Way (1958)    
    Fortune at the Door (1958)    
    The Peach Blossom Fairy (1958)    
    The Love Thief (1958)    
    Spring's Joyous Blessings (1958)    
    Red Maid, the Matchmaker (1958)    
    Her Prosperous But Selfish Husband (1958)    
    Wealth Always Follows Woe (1958)    
    Why Not Return? (1958)    
    The Merry Phoenix (1958)    
    Prince Kang Crosses the River on a Clay Horse (1958)    
    Kong Hoi-yin, Girl with a Miserable Fate (Part 2) (1958)    
    Kong Hoi-yin, Girl with a Miserable Fate (Part 1) (1958)    
    The Blood-Stained Lantern (1958)    
    Tears of the Flower (1958)    
    A Patriot's Sword (1958)    
    The Three Trials of the Scholar's Wife (1958)    
    The Rascal He on Fire (1959)    
    Lucky Ones Up to Mischief (1959)    
    Sweet Girl (1959)    
    How Oriole the Heroine Solved the Case of the Three Dead Bodies (1959)    
    On the Road to Success (Part 2) (1959)    
    On the Road to Success (Part 1) (1959)    
    Happy Wedding (1959)    
    Miserable Daughter-in-Law (1959)    
    The Lion's Roar (1959)    
    The Departed One's Return to Pipa Lane (1959)    
    Gold-braided Fan (1959)    
    The Lotus' Story (1959)    
    Girl of Pitiable Fate (1959)    
    Funny Misunderstanding (1959)    
    Trial of the Wife Who Murdered Her Mother-in-Law (1959)    
    Daughter of a Grand Household (1959)    
    Triennial Mourning on the Bridge (1959)    
    Crimes of Passion (1959)    
    Madam Kam, Part One (1959)    
    Madam Kam, Part Two (1959)    
    Crime of Passion in the Mansion (1959)    
    Grass by the Lake (1959)    
    Wong Fei-Hung Trapped in Hell (1959)    
    Love Follows Fortune (1959)    
    Regret from the Spring Lantern and Feathered Fan (1959)    
    Tragedy of Love (1959)    
    Mad About Love (1959)    
    Boat-girls' Battle for Love (1959)    
    Swallow the Poison with a Smile (1959)    
    Hollow Tree (1959)    
    A Fool in the Army (1959)    
    The Moonlight and Pi-pa of the Borderland (1959)    
    Wife-Teasing at the Honeymoon (1960)    
    Murder Case in Chinatown (1961)    
    The Chopper That Becomes a King (1962)    
    The Wonderful Years (1963)    
    The Better Halves (1964)    
    The Greatest Love Affair on Earth (1964)    
    The Fake Husband (1964)    
    A Modern Ji Gong (1965)    
    Green Is the Grass (1966)    
    Gold Button (1966)    
    The Golden Bat (1966)    
    Return of the Golden Bat (1966)    
    The Golden Gun (1966)    
    The Long Journey Home (1967)    
    I Love A-Go-Go (1967)    
    The White Swan (1967)    
    Bomb in Pink (1967)    
    The Plot (1967)    
    The Full Moon (1967)    
    Romance Across the Miles (1967)    
    The White Dragon (1968)    
  Re-recording Mixer (1 film)
    The Whims of the Heart (1959)