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Che Bing-Kwan
Aliases:  Xie Bingjun,  Xie Bing-Jun,  Tse Bing-Kwun
Filmography (1946-1949)
  Producer (26 films)
    Gone Are the Swallows When the Willow Flowers Wilt (1946)    
    Desire (1946)    
    The New White Golden Dragon (1947)    
    The Pangs of Love (1947)    
    New Arabian Nights (1947)    
    A Dream of Spring (1947)    
    Peach Blossoms Still Titter in the Spring Breeze (1947)    
    Madame X (1947)    
    Where Is My Darling? (1947)    
    Three Women (1947)    
    An All-Consuming Love (1947)    
    You're Smart in One Way, I in Another (1947)    
    The Net of Divine Retribution (1947)    
    Rumours in the Air (1947)    
    The Corn in Ripe for Plucking (1948)    
    Harmony Reigns (1948)    
    Orioles Banished from the Flowers (1948)    
    Portrait of Four Beauties (1948)    
    Song of a Songstress (1948)    
    Waste Not Our Youth (1949)    
    Young Heroes (1949)    
    The Unmarried Mother (1949)    
    Latecomer in the Snow (1949)    
    The Razor's Edge (1949)    
    Encounter at Hongbi (1949)    
    Revenge of the Great Swordsman (1949)