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Leow Swee-Kim
Aliases:  Liu Shui-Gam,  Liao Juei-Chin,  Li Yug-Jau,  Li Ying-Jan
Filmography (1973-1990)
  Producer (6 films)
    The Greatest Plot (1977)    
    Moonlight Sword and Jade Lion (1977)    
    It's Azalea's Time (1977)    
    Crazy Guy with Super Kung Fu (1978)    
    Snake Crane Secret (1978)    
    Deadly Strike (1978)    
  Planning (2 films)
    My Wife, My Love and My Maid (1973)    
    Blood Sorcery (1986)    
  Presenter (7 films)
    Seven Spirit Pagoda (1976)    
    Cantonen Iron Kung Fu (1979)    
    Desperate Love Bitter End (1979)    
    Fighting Life (1981)    
    Tie Chuang Wu Wo Er Shi Nian (1981)    
    The Devil Sorcery (1988)    
    Black Spot (1990)