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Nick Cheung Lik  ♂

Tough Guy (1972)

The Rendezvous of Warriors (1973)

Kung Fu's Hero (1973)

A Tooth for a Tooth (1973)

Kung Fu King (1973)

Superior Youngster (1974)

The Big Risk (1974)

Land of the Brave (1974)

The Golden Triangle (1975)

The Big Family (1976)

Bruce's Fingers (1976)

The Fatal Flying Guillotines (1977)

The Dragon Lives Again (1977)

Return of Bruce (1977)

10 Magnificent Killers (1977)

Bruce Lee in New Guinea (1978)
Cheung Lik <br>Return of the Kung Fu Dragon
Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1978)

Kung Fu Means Fists, Strikes and Swords (1978)

Bruce Lee The Invincible (1978)

Killer of Snake, Fox of Shaolin (1978)

Kung Fu Stars (1978)

Manhunt (1978)

The 36 Deadly Styles (1979)

Treasure of Bruce Le (1979)

The Jade Fox (1979)

The Magnificent Kick (1980)

Tiger Over the Wall (1980)

Ambitious Kung Fu Girl (1981)

Dragon Bruce Lee, Part II (1981)

Dragon Lee Fights Back (1981)

Return of the Bastard Swordsman (1984)

The Big Sting (1984)

Secret Service of the Imperial Court (1984)

How to Choose a Royal Bride (1985)