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Keung Chung-Ping  ♂

Forever Lily (1953)
Soul of the Jade Pear (1953)
Keung Chung-Ping<br>If Only We'd Met When I Was Single (1955) <br>Originally uploaded by Dleedlee
If Only We'd Met When I Was Single (1955)
Keung Chung-Ping<br>The House of Sorrows (1956)
The Sad Wife in a Grand House (1956)

Thinking the Wrong Way (1956)

The Wall (1956)

Murder on the Beach (1957)

Tears of the Flower (1958)

Crime of Passion in the Mansion (1959)

Grass by the Lake (1959)
Geung Chung Ping<br>A Tearful Life (1960)
A Tearful Life (1960)
Geung Chung Ping<br>Many Aspects of Love (1961)
Many Aspects of Love (1961)

House of Kam Topples (Part 1) (1961)
Geung Chung Ping<br>The Song of Love aka Sunset on the River (1962)
Sunset on the River (1962)
Geung Chung Ping<br>Sombre Night (1962)
Sombre Night (1962)
Geung Chung Ping<br>Blood-Stained Shoe (1962)
Blood-Stained Shoe (1962)
Geung Chung Ping<br>Time Flows Like a Stream (1962)
Time Flows Like a Stream (1962)
Geung Chung Ping<br>The Night the Spirit Returns (1962)<br>Originally uploaded by Dleedlee
The Night the Spirit Returns (1962)
Geung Chung Ping<br>Vampire Woman (1962) <br>Originally uploaded by Dleedlee
Vampire Woman (1962)
Keung Chung-Ping
House of Prosperity (1963)
Geung Chung Ping<br>The Songstresses (1963)
The Songstresses (1963)

Take a Husband (1963)
Geung Chung Ping<br>When Spring Comes (1963)<br>Originally uploaded by Dleedlee
When Spring Comes (1963)

Madam Kam (1963)

Tides of Passion (1963)

The Unbearable Sorrow (1963)

An Ill-fated Beauty (1963)
Geung Chung-Ping<br>A Deadly Night (1964)
A Deadly Night (1964)

Hidden Love (1964)

A Beautiful Ghost (1964)
Sweetness of Love (1965)
Sweetness of Love (1965)

The Valley of Death (1965)

The Real and the Fake Lover (1965)

Movie-fan Princess (1966)

The Broken Heart (1966)
<br>Duel in Moonlight Bay (1966)
Duel in Moonlight Bay (1966)

Love at First Sight (1967)

The Fascinating Group (1971)

The Fascinating Group (1971)

The Mighty Couple (1971)

The Bloody Fight (1972)

The Romancing Star (1987)

Bitter Taste of Blood (1988)