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Liu Chun-Hung  ♂

Why, Why, Tell Me Why!! (1986)

Hero of Tomorrow (1988)

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World III (1989)

It's a Drink! It's a Bomb! (1985)

Ghost Story - Horrible Tea (2001)

The Haunted Cop Shop (1987)

The Last Conflict (1988)
TVB series
Hong Si Yuan (1978)

Naughty Girls (1983)

990714.com (2000)

Winner Takes All? (1984)

The Wild Ones (1989)
2nd victim
Fulltime Killer (2001)

It's a Drink! It's a Bomb! (1985)

Finger on Trigger (1984)

Maybe It's Love (1984)
Gigolo Club (1993)