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Richard Ng Yiu-Hon  ♂

Date of Birth
  December 17th, 1939
  People's Republic of China
  Educated in England, and was once so poor he was tempted to rob an old lady walking down the street. He is the father of Hong Kong actor Carl Ng. Richard appeared in the Hollywood film LARA CROFT, TOMB RAIDER: THE CRADLE OF LIFE (2003) and the UK action film BODYGUARD: A NEW BEGINNING (2009), the latter with his son.

Richard Ng also worked on the following films:

Gaston en Leo in Hong Kong (Belgium; 1988) [Actor]
The Lost empire: Legend of the Monkey King (USA; 2001) [Actor]
Lara Croft tomb raider: The Cradle of life (USA; 2003) [Actor]
Bodyguard: A New beginning (UK; 2008) [Actor]