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黃飛鴻'92之龍行天下 (1992)
The Master
Alias: Wong Fei Hung '92
Origin: Hong Kong
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Theatrical Run: 05/28/1992 - 06/16/1992
Box Office: HK $8,096,542.00
  Tsui Hark
  Jason Lam Kee-To
  Lau Tai-Muk
Martial Arts Directors
  Brandy Yuen Jan-Yeung
  Yuen Wah
  Tsui Hark
  Jet Li Lian-Jie ... Kit
  Yuen Wah ... Chan Hou Tak
  Crystal Kwok Gam-Yan ... May
  Jerry Trimble ... Johnny
  To Wai-Wo ... Martial arts teacher
  Billy Blanks ... Hawks gang member
  Glen Chin Ying-Ming ... Taxi driver
  Cheung Ching ... Clerk of Int'l Publication
  Steven Ho ... Johnny's student
  Stefanos Miltsakakis ... Johnny's student
  Mark Williams ... Hawks gang leader
  Anne Ricketts ... Anna
  Dale Jacoby ... Johnny's student
  David Wald ... Johnny's student
  Ruben Gonzalez ... Cito
  Guy Fadallone ... Ruben
  Derek Annunciation ... Mouse
  Yuen Gam-Fai (1) ... Student
  Cheung Wing-Cheung (2) ... Student [extra]
  Lee Fat-Yuen ... Student [extra]
  Tony Ling Chi-Wah ... Student [extra]
Production Companies
  Golden Harvest Productions
  Vast Art Film Limited
Filming Company
  Film Workshop Co. Ltd.
  Golden Harvest Productions (Hong Kong)
2nd Unit Director
  Joe Chu Kai-Sang
  Tsui Hark
  Joe Chan Jun-Git
  Paul A. Edwards
  Cheung Ging-Nin
Art Director
  Lynn Christopher
Sound Recordist
  Chow Shao-Lung
  Chow Gam-Wing
  Kam Ma
  Marco Mak Chi-Sin
  Tang Siu-Lam
  Anthony Chow Deng-Au
  Michael Lai Siu-Tin
Executive Planner
  Roberta Chow Chung-Hang
  David Law Dai-Wai
Film Coordinator
  Chiu Sek-Keung
Production Manager
  Jue Ji-Hung
Post-Production Coordinator
  Catherine Chan Diy-Hiu
Post-Production Management
  Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung
  Angie Lam On-Yee
Recording Studio
  Golden Studios Ltd.
  Sound Wave Studio
Mandarin Dialogue
  Fung Suet-Yui
Sound F/X
  Ronny Ching Siu-Lung
  Uncle Tak is famous for using Chinese herbal medicines to cure diseases. A martial arts expert, he also teaches the young how to defend themselves. One of his students, Johnny, dreams of monopolizing the teaching of kung fu throughout the United States. To accomplish this, he tries to kill Uncle Tak. Chuck, Uncle Tak's best student from Hong Kong, comes to Los Angeles to find his master. Chuck is willing to let Johnny have his way, and tries to take Uncle Tak back to Hong Kong. But Johnny and his men will not leave Chuck alone. Chuck, on his way back to Hong Kong, returns for the showdown. [Rim Films Catalog] Since the alternative title was WFH 92, might as well mention that Uncle Tak's bonesetting/herbal medicine clinic was called "Po Chi Lam". [Anonymous]