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New Fist of Fury (1976)
Alias: Fists To Fight
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Martial Arts 
Theatrical Run: 07/08/1976 - 01/14/1976
Box Office: HK $456,787.20
  Lo Wei
  Pan Lei (1)
  Lo Wei
Action Director
  Han Ying-Chieh
  Lo Wei
  Jackie Chan ... Ah Lung
  Nora Miao Ke-Hsiu ... Mao Li Er / Miss Lee
  Chan Sing (1) ... Okimura
  Henry Luk Yat-Lung ... Lon Si Chun
  Yi Ming (1) ... Master Su
  Suen Lam ... Taiwan Police captain Lin
  Liu Ming (2) ... Ah Lung's mother
  Cheng Siu-Siu ... Okimura's daughter
  Hon Siu ... Ho Chin
  Han Ying-Chieh ... Hung
  Lo Wei ... Inspector [cameo]
  Chiang Kam ... Sampo
  Liu Ping (1) ... Lin Chin Kui
  Yip Hoi-Ching ... Okimura's student
  Weng Hsiao-Hu ... Okimura's student
  Suen San-Cheung ... Japanese
  Hau Pak-Wai ... Assassin
  Wang Ching-Liang ... Assassin
  Ho Wai-Hung ... Assassin
  Tsang Ming-Cheong ... Kui's thug
  Chan Sam-Lam ... Kui's thug
  Shih Ting-Ken ... Kui's thug
  Lam Chung (4) ... Kui's thug
  Robert Tai Chi-Hsien ... Kui's thug
  So Kwok-Leung ... Kui's thug
  Ho Ming-Hiu ... Kui's thug
  Wong Wing-Sang ... Student
  Lee Lung-Yam ... Student
  Yip Fei-Yang ... Jing Wu student
  Ching Kuo-Chung ... Chun's student
  Ngai Loi ... Japanese Officer
  Chan Jan (1) ... Okimura's bodyguard
  Lee Siu-Ming (1) ... Okimura's bodyguard
  Lui Wan-Biu    
  Wong Kwok-Fai (1) ... [Extra]
  Cheung Chung-Kwai (1) ... [Extra]
  Ko Chang-Sheng ... [Extra]
  Wong Chi-Sang ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Lo Wei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
Production Manager
  Chen Kou-Chan
Sound Recordist
  Chang Hua
Art Director
  Pang Wah-Mau
  Hsu Mu-Wang
  Lui Sam-Min
  Chin Ai-Lan
  Cheung Chai (2)
  Chan Chung-Yuen
  Chan Chiu-Yung
  Chen Jung-Shu
  Lee Yim-Hoi
Costume Designer
  Chun Man-Fook
  Hsu Li-Hwa
Assistant Director
  Chu Hsueh-Liang
  Chiu Lou-Sang

After Chen Zhen has been killed by the Japanese in Fist Of Fury, his fiancee and some of his friends flee to Taiwan. Taiwan is also under Japanese occupation, however, and they soon learn that the Taiwanese are getting just as rough a deal as they were in Shanghai. Jackie Chan plays a Taiwanese boy that hates the Japanese. He's head strong and courageous, but refuses to learn Kung Fu, despite Nora Miao's best attempts to change his mind. Eventually he snaps though, and signs up to New Jingwu Mun - where he inexplicably becomes their most accomplished fighter in a few days. Nora is so impressed, she agrees to teach him Chen Zhen's secret style - The Fist Of Fury.