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魯平  ♂
Liu Ping (1)
Lu Ping,  Kei Fung,  Lin Lu,  Qi Feng,  Nu Ping,  Chi Feng,  Lou Ping
Born: June 10th, 1932 (Taiwan)

Filmography (1957-1987)
  Production Manager (6 films)
    Wandering Dragon (1978)    
    The Desperate Killer (1978)    
    Big Land Flying Eagles (1978)    
    Super-Chaser (1978)    
    Shooting in the Morning (1979)    
    The First Error Step (1979)    
  Actor (162 films)
    Bitter Heart (1957) ... Zhen Lin
    Ku Erh Yuan (1958)    
    Poor Lian Hua Dating at Bar (1961)    
    Southern Rain Night Flower (1962)    
    For My Child I Marry Again (1963)    
    Long Zhong Niao (1963)    
    Mang Nu Di Xia Si Ling (1964)    
    Ye Liu Yi Hun Qing Nan Wang (1964)    
    Tian Xia Yi Da Xiao (1964)    
    Wanted Criminal Woman (1964)    
    Luo Da Yu Bi Ri (1964)    
    Child (1964)    
    The Best Secret Agent Part 2 (1964) ... Lin Zhi-Cheng
    Di San Hao Fan Jian Die (1964)    
    Hong Kong's Head No. 1 (1964)    
    Yida Married To Beggar (1964)    
    The Sadness of the Train Station (1965)    
    Three Beautiful Blind Female Spies (1965)    
    Homeland Connecting Boat (1965)    
    Light-Tower in Misty Night (1965)    
    Ling Rou Zhi Dao (1965)    
    Xue Zhong Deng Zi Er (1965)    
    Little Loafer (1965)    
    Sorrowful Hardship Bridge (1965)    
    Mountain Tiger (1965)    
    Seven Courageous People (1965)    
    Rotten Quilt (1965)    
    Two-faced Lover (1965)    
    Back Street Life (1965)    
    Ye Guang Shuang Fei Xia (1965)    
    Spell-Casted Rifle (1965)    
    Leopard (1966)    
    Evening Sun (1966)    
    The Sad Train (1966)    
    Dragon Tiger Bean (1966)    
    Homeless Guest (1966)    
    Red Peacock (1966)    
    Woman Island Spy Battle (1966)    
    Malaysian Tiger (1966)    
    Tears of the Prodigal Son (1966)    
    Long Hu Dou (1966)    
    The Flying Killer (1966)    
    The Lady Spy (1966)    
    Hai Nu Kung Tuan Ku (1966)    
    Mang Nu Da Tao Wang (1966)    
    Wandering Knight (1966)    
    Bet On Three Drunk Guests (1967)    
    Walking Bridge (1967)    
    Bar Girl Dreams (1967)    
    Swordwoman One Flower (1967)    
    Tai Feng Yu Bi Ri (1967)    
    Dragon, Tiger, Leopard (1967)    
    Strange Swordsman Shaojiu Immortal (1967)    
    Shen Hsiao Ke (1967)    
    Wind Speed 70 Miles (1967)    
    Unbounded Love (1967)    
    Three Swords King (1967)    
    San Sheng Wu Nai (1967)    
    Spring Heaven - A Moment Worth Pounds of Gold (1968)    
    Wonderful Husband Wonderful Wife (1968)    
    Dragon Tiger Sword (1968)    
    Tigress Is Coming (1968)    
    Don't Debt (1968)    
    The Fastest Sword (1968) ... Ting Meng Hao
    The Wolf and the Angel (1968) ... Hsiao Ma
    Mother's Heart (1969)    
    Qing Nan Shou (1969)    
    Liu Chagu Tours Taipei (1969)    
    Tomorrow Is Another Day (1969) ... Wang Chieh
    Black Wind Bell (1969) ... Shen Li-Hsueh
    Dangerous Youth (1969)    
    Clever Thief (1970)    
    Yang Zean (1970)    
    Evergreen Mountains (1970) ... Yi Hsiung
    The Seisure Soul Sword of a Blind Girl (1970) ... Brother Lin
    The Ghost's Sword (1971)    
    Woman Guerilla with Two Guns (1971) ... Captain Nagakawa [guest]
    The Merciful Sword (1971)    
    The Sword (1971) ... Ling Fung
    Swordsman at Large (1971) ... The Joker Hsuan Yuan Wu Di
    The Matchless Conqueror (1971) ... Chin Chen San
    The Invincible Sword (1971)    
    The Mighty One (1971) ... Fang Yu Lung (Abbot Lung)
    Tiger (1972)    
    The Ferocious Brothers (1972)    
    The Fist That Kills (1972) ... Fu Tian-Long
    The Death Duel (1972) ... Tong Huo-Ying
    Triangular Duel (1972) ... Chairman
    Dragon Blows (1973) ... Sze-Ma Chin
    The Beauty Heroine (1973)    
    The Invincible Hero (1973)    
    Crazy Guy with Eroto Mania (1973)    
    Fists of Vengeance (1973)    
    Rikisha Kuri (1973)    
    Wang Yu, King of Boxers (1973) ... Korean hero
    Iron Man (1973) ... Chairman Man
    Gold Snatchers (1973) ... Old Fox
    Valley of the Double Dragon (1974)    
    The Dwarf Sorcerer (1974)    
    The Assignment (1974)    
    Mysterious Snake Women (1974)    
    The Iron Profligates (1974)    
    The Brother Two (1974)    
    Hero of Kwangtong (1974) ... Hoi
    Shaolin Kung Fu (1974)    
    Deadly Fists Kung Fu (1974)    
    The Romance in the Ghost House (1975)    
    18 Shaolin Disciples (1975)    
    Dragon Gate (1975) ... Tuan Shih
    The Living Buddha Chikung (1975)    
    Snake Woman's Marriage (1975)    
    The Pleasure Girl (1975)    
    The Shaolin Kids (1975) ... Japanese
    Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue (1976) ... His Highness
    The Invisible Terrorist (1976) ... Monk Bai Hu
    Secret of Kowloon Town (1976)    
    The Invincible Super Guy (1976) ... Invisible Thief
    The Prodigal Boxer (II) (1976)    
    The Knife of Devil's Roaring and Soul Missing (1976)    
    The Blazing Temple (1976) ... General Yim
    New Fist of Fury (1976) ... Lin Chin Kui
    The Best of Shaolin Kung Fu (1976) ... Lo Tien
    The 18 Bronzemen (1976) ... Fisherman [scenes mostly cut]
    Shaolin Wooden Men (1976)    
    The Eight Masters (1976) ... One of the Eight Masters
    The Gloomy Tower (1977)    
    The North and South Chivalry (1977)    
    The Greatest Plot (1977) ... Lung Ke Tu
    18 Swirling Riders (1977) ... Master Tu
    Clutch of Power (1977) ... Chan Tian-Pang
    The Rebel of Shao-Lin (1977) ... Hu Fa
    Chivalrous Inn (1977)    
    The Invincible Kung Fu Trio (1977) ... Uncle Fong
    Three Shaolin Musketeers (1978)    
    Big Land Flying Eagles (1978) ... Wei Tian-Peng
    The Master and the Kid (1978) ... Murdered killer [cameo]
    Militant Eagle (1978) ... Envoy Lu Hung Chi
    Wandering Dragon (1978)    
    Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin (1978) ... Hung Chu's uncle
    Super-Chaser (1978)    
    Love in Chilly Spring (1979) ... Brother Tie
    San Sheng Wu Nai (1979)    
    Shooting in the Morning (1979)    
    The Romantic Double Rings (1979) ... The Master
    The First Error Step (1979)    
    Legend of Chu Liu Hsiang (1980)    
    The Legend of Eight Knights (1980)    
    Zhui Hun Jian (1980)    
    Chu Liu Hsiang and Hu Tieh Hua (1980) ... Shi Tou
    The Nude Body Case in Tokyo (1981)    
    The Story of Lu Sheau-Feng (1981)    
    The Imperial Sword Killing the Devil (1981)    
    The Guy with Secret Kung-Fu (1981)    
    Raiders (1982)    
    Blood Brothers (1982)    
    The Switch (1982)    
    Breaking Through the Black Whirl (1982) ... Big boss
    The Boy from the Dark Street (1983)    
    The King of Gambler II (1983)    
    Restaurant Show (1985)    
    Shao Fu De Mi Mi (1986)    
    American Commando 4: Dressed to Fire (1987) ... [Footage from THE BOY FROM THE DARK STREET]
  A native of Wugu Hsiang of the Taipei province, Lu was born as Lin Lu in 1932, and had studies in an agricultural school. Lu went for an audition at Taiwan's Jian Nan Films in 1956, and became the only one recruited. He began his acting career in Taiwanese-dialect films using his stage name Qi Feng. Lu was offered the leading role in his acting debut "Xin Suan Suan", followed by a smooth career. He was widely regarded as one of the "Four Greatest Leading Men" in Taiwanese cinema, along with Ko Chun-Hsiung, Yang Ming and Shi Jun. He was also known as "The No.1 Tough Guy in Taiwan". Lu caught the attention of director Pan Lei in 1967 and was subsequently recruited by the studio. He then changed his stage name to Lu Ping and starred in various Mandarin titles, including "Tomorrow Is Another Day" and "The Fastest Sword". Pan regarded Lu as the "San Chuan Ban" (Mifunese), referring to the veteran Japanese star Toshiro Mifune. Later, Lu joined the camp of director Joseph Kuo and starred in "Triangular Duel", "Iron Man" and "The 18 Bronzemen". He became a production manager in 1977, and co-produced Ming Guan films with Wang Guan-Xiong and Liu De-Kai. Lu also ran businesses on metal and construction materials simultaneously, and he gradually gave up acting to become a full-time businessman.

From the Celestial DVD edition of "Swordsman At Large".