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一帆風順 (1965)
May Luck Be with You
HKFA Sail Before the Wind
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Comedy 
Release Date: 02/01/1965
  Lung To
  Lee Yuen-Man
  Pong Chau-Wah
  Wu Fung (1) ... Law Suk-Yiu
  Ho Lan ... Cheng Yuen-Kwan
  Tam Lan-Hing ... Tam
  Tang Kei-Chan ... Law Sau-Lim
  Lee Heung-Kam ... Cheng
  Cheng Kwun-Min ... Law Pak-Wo
  Yue Ming ... Law Chung-Wing
  Yeung Yip-Wang ... Cheng Fu-Sing
  Lam Siu (1) ... Lawyer
  Chow Gat ... Ho Yee
  Fung Ming ... [Extra]
  Hoh Wan ... Waiter [extra]
  Ho Pak-Kwong ... [Extra]
  Tai Sang-Po ... Maid [extra]
Production Company
  Daai Hing Hang
Assistant Director
  Fung Ging
  Wong Chit (1)
Sound Recordist
  Yam Pak-Fong
  Yeung Pak-Wing
Production Manager
  Kong Man
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  A penny-pinching jewellery shop owner promises his entire fortune to the son who first bears him a grandson. What ensues is a battle of wits among his three sons and daughters-in-law. Upon knowing that the youngest son's wife is pregnant, the other two wives put on an act and enter the fray with their faked foetuses. Their plot soon reaches due date though, and family tension soars to all-time high. To help restore peace, the youngest son volunteers to give his first two new-borns to the disgruntled brothers. As it happens, his wife gives birth to triplets, but only the last one is a boy. All's well that ends well - the selfless heir chooses to divide his wealth equally with his siblings (from HKFA)