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三八新娘憨子婿 (1967)
Stupid Bride Han Zi-Xu
Alias: Foolish Bride, Naive Bridegroom
Alias: 三八新娘憨女婿
Alias: Silly Wife, Foolish Husband
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Hokkien 
Genre: Romantic Comedy 
  Hsin Chi
  Chen Hsiao-Pi
  Tai Huang Pien-Pien
  Chin Mei ... Gui-Jia
  Shih Chun (1) ... Zhao Wen-De
  Chin Tu (1) ... Zhao Ah Gao (Gou)
  Yang Yueh-Fan ... Gui-Jia's mother
  Wang Ke (1)    
  Huang Chun (1)    
  Chou Wan-Sheng    
  Chou Yu (1)    
  Su Chu    
  Chen Hsiao-Pi    
  Wu La-Yun    
  Wu Fei-Song    
  Su Chin-Lung    
  Ai Chi-San    
  To Hsien    
  Yeh Wen    
  Ying Ying (1)    
  Chen Lan    
Production Company
  Yongda Film Company, Ltd.
Script Supervisor
  Choi Chan-Foo
  Chen Chung-Hsin
  Chen Hsiao-Pi
Sound Recordist
  Lin Kun-Chi
  Chen Hung-Min
  Huang Ssu-Shan
  Tai Chuan-Li
Production Manager
  Tai Chuan-Li
Filming Location
  Bun-de (Wen-de in Mandarin, played by Shi Jun/Shih Chun) is a shy young man. Aggressively courted by all the girls in the neighbourhood, he only has eyes for the pretty and mischievous Gui-kia (Jin Mei/Chin Mei). She finds every means possible to meet up with her boyfriend, although he is closely watched over by a very protective father, A-Gao. When the parents finally agree on the wedding, they realise that they used to be in love. Accusing each other of betrayal, they refuse to allow their children to marry. Bunde and Gui-kia decide to elope. After a few months the young couple is in a dire situation and fighting all the time. They are eventually found by their parents and everyone gets happily married.