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Lin Kun-Chi
Aliases:  Lin Kung-Chi,  Lam Kwan-Kay,  Lin Kun-Hsin,  Lam Kwan-Yan,  Lin Hun-Chi,  Lin Kuen-Chyi,  Lam Kwan-Chi,  Lin Kuan-Chi
Born: November 19th, 1930
Filmography (1956-1984)
  Sound Recordist (39 films)
    Romance at Sun Moon Lake (1956)    
    Jian Long Xiao Shen Xia (1961)    
    Shuang Xiong Da Dou Shuang Jia Mian (1962)    
    Gu Nu Ling Po (1964)    
    Bride in Hell (1965)    
    Stupid Bride Han Zi-Xu (1967)    
    Da Xiao Shan (1968)    
    Bamboo Wrapped Meat Dumplings (1969)    
    Dangerous Youth (1969)    
    Back to Anping (1970)    
    The Sword (1971)    
    Tsu Hong Wu (1971)    
    Dumb Boxer (1973)    
    The New Game of Death (1975)    
    The Blazing Temple (1976)    
    The Big Calamity (1976)    
    Iron Fan and Magic Sword (1976)    
    Ghost Lover (1976)    
    The Chivalry, the Gunman and Killer (1977)    
    The Glory of the Sunset (1977)    
    The Eight Masters (1977)    
    Shaolin Monk (1977)    
    Love in the Shadow (1977)    
    The Invincible Swordswoman (1977)    
    Shaolin Iron Claws (1978)    
    The Cavalier (1978)    
    Dance of Death (1979)    
    The Legend of the Six Dynasty (1979)    
    A Girl Without Sorrow (1979)    
    Ten Brothers of Shaolin (1979)    
    Sailing for Tomorrow (1980)    
    Flower Just Smile in the Spring Breeze (1980)    
    Feng Kuang Da Zhui Qiu (1980)    
    Lotus Triangle (1980)    
    Love with Cloud (1981)    
    The Anger (1982)    
    Girl with a Gun (1982)    
    The Sexy Lady Driver (1982)    
    Five Fighters from Shaolin (1984)