CF_ (1976)
Seven Spirit Pagoda

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 08/04/2007
Summary: Pretty bad

The Emperor and his family is betrayed and the prince escapes with a few guards. After a encounter with the bad guys, the prince is poisoned and they must goto the pagoda to find the cure. The daughters of the loyal captain/general must enter the pagoda to get the cure, one enters the pagoda, while the other holds off the bad guys!!

This Pagoda idea,
what is this, THE GAME Of DEATH?

What STSH said is true,it looks cheap,
no stars of any name,
i didnt watch it all, the fast forward button was used a lot,
dubbing was so so,
the monks running around the lady so it could fit into the shot was hilarious,who suddenly disappear,
the 7 challenges are really boring, its just monks with different skills

What i did like of the movie, well throwing blood into your opponents eyes to escape was on bright spot, though how much it actually blinds someone enough to run away is to be debated.

As you can see, not much going for this movie, a miss

Reviewer Score: 2

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 05/20/2007
Summary: Mediocre adventure

When the Emperor and almost all his family are killed by a traitorous minister, his son (Lam Kwong-Jung) swears revenge. The prince and a few loyal guards fee pursued by the minister's troops and in the run they must give their life to save the prince, who is lethally poisoned. Only the two daughters of the killed loyal captain of the royal guard can save his life. One of the girls (Chu Feng) must get the antidote, which is in the upper floor of a Shaolin Pagoda. But first she must pass 7 trials against 7 monks who are in the 7 floors of the 7 Spirit Pagoda. This should be the best part of the movie, but the tests are not very original. Lam does a hilarious part, first when he is severely ill by the poison and later when he pretends to be a cute dancing lady. The problem is that they are supposedly serious scenes.

Reviewer Score: 3

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 12/19/2003
Summary: Awful

The lack of subtitles, the dialogue being in Mandarin, and the cheap look of this production (which looks like it was shot on video) all combined to give me a bad initial impression of this film, and unfortunately I could see no reason to watch it past ten minutes.

It opens in a royal setting, with lots of people in period costume watching an endless musical number. There were a few suspicious glances and bits of fighting, but it didn't look promising. There was no semblance of where the story might be going.

Reviewer Score: 1