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新七擒七縱七色狼 (1994)
Seven Sexual Maniacs

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/05/2004
Summary: No violence and a porn clothes horse

I admit upfront that I skipped/fast-forwarded through much of this film, but nevertheless found it pretty enjoyable. The lack of subtitles was absolutely no barrier to following the plot, as the actions and hamming acting makes things abundantly clear.

Curiously, there's not a lot of full nudity. Only two women take it all off. One is luscious Fan Oi Git, as the blind hooker, who strips off a tunic and slowly pulls on lingerie, to the delight of a couple of the guys. The other is the lead actress, probably Au Hoi Ling, who puts on a very nice shower scene and briefly strips off during a massage.

Also curiously, the lead actress acts mainly as a clothes horse. I find the idea of a porn actress modelling a number of glamorous gowns and things to be rather odd, especially as the character arrives at the house with only one set of clothes (she changes at least six times, whereas Oi Git has only two outfits). And some of the outfits really flatter. She looks terrific in an ultimately super-low cut lingerie - wow - although the glamour treatment doesn't seem to have launched a career in film.

The hi-jinks and strategies of the men to get into the jewel thief are mostly very tiresome and silly, and are the main reason I did lots of fast forwarding. Still, a reasonably entertaining and completely non-violent porn deserves favourable attention.

Reviewer Score: 4