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Reviewed by: SimonYam.com
Date: 04/03/2005
Summary: Painful

This shot on video production from 1999 is lacking in entertainment value. A "ghost" movie with zero spookiness, FX, or even makeup, it concerns a teenage girl who kills herself and has to convince a "substitute" to do the same so she can reincarnate. Watch 'Inner Senses' instead.

Reviewer Score: 1

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Stupid (1999)

At the beginning of B&S Production's showing the DV movies (movies made by Digital Video Tapes), they show different genres of movies. Now it seems that they are trying to focus on one genre -- Ghost stories. First, they have 'Pizza Express', then they have 'No Vacancy' and this week they show 'Stupid'. Maybe they would like to do a feature but it seems that they haven't put it in publicity.

'Stupid' is the term talking about the leading actress Gigi (LAM Yi-tung) in the movie. Gigi is a secondary school girl who suffered from lots of tragedy. First, she lost her boyfriend, then she was misunderstood by the school and she thinks that her mon and dad take no care about her. She starts the idea of killing herself while a ghost is trying to find a replacement by encouraging Gigi to commit suicide. With the days with the ghost, Gigi has more and more initiative to kill herself. Though her mom realizes Gigi's unusual behaviour, but it's too late and Gigi finally kills herself. However, her death cannot give her the release from frustruations but to another way of frustration. She has to find another guy who would kill oneself as a her replacement in order to get the chance to re-born. Gigi starts regretting herself frm being committed suicide.

In terms of the story, the baseline is quite clear. The first half is about the days before Gigi committed suicide while the latter half is about her change of attitude after suicide. In view of the structure, it is quite fluent with a complete story.

In terms of presentation, I think now the approach is okay but a bit slow. It seems that one of the key issue in the movie is about the relationship between Gigi and her ex-boyfriend. I think it would be better if they can put more focus on the issue. Maybe there are some stuffs showing how Gigi tried to rescue their broken relationship. This would make the movie with more tension for the latter part. The description of Gigi's family is okay. I think the description of Gigi's mon is typical but with something more. The issue about the tea from Wong Tai Sin is a good point.

For the latter part description about finding a replacement. Using beeper as an indicaiton to show guys who are almost to kill themselves is a idea not very convincing. However, in the movie, the idea is okay as this enables the movie to bring up the issue like how these ghosts try to get the replacement by dirty tricks. The ending of the movie is okay but I think it can be more impressive.

One of the issue I think the production crew should take care is about cinematography, it seems that sometimes you can see a circle of beams at the centre of the screen. I consider this is a kind of problem related to the setting of camera. Maybe they should take more care about it as this happens several times in the movie.

In terms of performance, I consider the performers can do most of what they are expected to be. LAM Yi-tung as Gigi is okay as she has been given lots of opportunities to act. It's a bit surprise to see CHAN Kwok-bong has good performance in the movie as a ghost 'Dan Call' (Chinese pronounciation of this terms sounds Death).

In short, I consider 'Stupid' is not a stupid movie, at least the concept is a good one in brining up the issue of suicide. Even though the pace is a bit slow, the story is quite complete. Even though the plot is a bit predictable, some of the descriptions are still good for worthing a look.