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初戀無限Touch! (1997)
First Love Unlimited

Reviewed by: bastardswordsman
Date: 03/12/2002

I would agree with the summary Travis gives in most respects. It's quite a cliched premise, let alone film, but the scriptwriter does try and break with convention wherever possible, especially with regards to some of the characters' behaviour - I refer mainly to Gigi's mum.

On the whole, it was quite an enjoyable throwaway flick from 100% Film Company, well-crafted with likeable characters enhanced with proficient performances across the board. Daniel Chan goes down in my estimation as a bit of a wanker for wearing a Chealsea shirt though.

Reviewed by: tdockweiler
Date: 02/06/2002

I really expected this movie to be much worse than it really was. It turned out to be overall a rather good movie to me and quite entertaining and fun to watch. To me it was worth purchasing, and might be worth watching more than once.

I definitely enjoyed watching this movie, but just don't expect to much from it becase It's just another of those dumb movies to watch when you are bored and maybe sick of action movies and need something a little different. If you hate romantic comedies, I would definitely suggest staying far away from this one!

It's not very original, way to cliched and the story itself has been used way to many times, but when everything else is so well done, who can complain really? Some scenes to me were so well done that I couldn't have imagined them being any better than they were.

If you enjoyed watching the Feel 100% series, then you just might like this one. I would compare this to that series, but to me it's probably just a little better.

Gigi Leung did pretty well in this movie and I would consider it maybe one of my favorite films she has been in, along with maybe Tempting Heart.

This movie had some interesting characters and was somewhat funny during parts, so maybe that's why I can forgive it for having such a horrible storyline.

a VERY low 7.5/10

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Raised in the housing project, Gai Hong meets a daughter of awealthy family, Ah Top. They go to the movies for their first date, but in the end they buy wrong tickets. Although they couldn't see the movie, they hold hands for the first time. On the bus ride home, Top sweetly sleeps on Hong's shoulder, an unforgettable experience for Hong. Hong walks Top to her door and they kiss goodbye as they reluctantly part. Top's mother discovers the relationship and fearing it would affect Top's education strongly opposes it, as she would go as far as sending her to study abroad......

[Reviewed by Next Magazine]