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中國龍 (1995)
China Dragon

Reviewed by: pablo
Date: 12/09/1999

In Hawaii, Sil Man (the fat kid) spends his days being a pest tothe gwailos, while brother Takeshi ogles the babes from his beachside teppanyaki stand. They are joined by Sil Lung (the martial arts kid) and her sister Sil Yin, sent from Shaolin to find a missing scientist. Toilet humor ensues until it's time for Sil Lung to kick butt at a secret martial arts tournament, which may hold the key to the scientist's disappearance. The absolute worst of the _Shaolin Popey_ series, amplifying all the trademarks of the genre. I predict that when Kok Siu Man grows up he will try to buy all copies of this film in existence so he can burn them. It's worse enough when your aunt remembers when you were yay tall and pranced around naked. Imagine if all of Asia remembers, with videos to prove it.