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rNɮ (1991)
Mission of Condor

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 08/02/2006
Summary: Lion, Antelope, Panther and Wild Cat Vs. Rose & Orchid. ;-)

Leader Lion (Yam) is the boss of three infallible hitmen: Mutton (Ko) alias "Antelope" and loving couple "Panther" (Lo) and "Wild Cat" (Nabeki). Cousins policewomen Rose (Lee) and Orchid must match FBI agent "Stephen" (Mok) in order to stop them and catch the leader. But actually Stephen's mission is unmask a traitor in the Police Department. Standard action movie with the standard comedy scenes, standard villains and standard intrigue. Good B-movie action scenes (guns and fu) but I missed a long martial confrontation between the Wild Cat and "the flowers".

Reviewer Score: 6