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CĺѥɤM (1980)
Bruce Tuan's 7 Promises

Reviewed by: MasterArts
Date: 03/15/2002
Summary: If you get the chance WATCH IT!!!!

Is this a Shaw movie????? Yep, this movie has Shaw feel all the way down to the props. I had a hard time finding this one. But, i'm glad I did. Meng Fei plays the lead in this one. He goes out on a journey where he meets a whole bunch of kung fu experts. A lot of action and good fight choreography. There's a little twist and a hidden villain. Definitely ranks as one of my top three Ocean Shores films. This one rivals some of the better Shaw and Golden harvest films out there. Theres a handful of familiar faces, and the costumes, man this film has good costumes. Actually, it has it all. To bad that this film is hard to find. Oh yeah, another bad thing, the camera work really sucks. A lot of out of focus shots, and theres the glare on the camera that comes up every once in a while. Overall, two thumbs up....and toes ;-)