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玉女私情 (1959)
Her Tender Heart

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

Her Tender Heart was my introduction to Lucilla You Min, and
she is really quite affecting. It would be easy to say that it's
because of her saucer-sized eyes, but it's more than that. She has
a quiet, controlled inner beauty and she underplays what could have
been an overdramatized part to great affect as she essays the role
of a relatively naive young girl. This film deals with a child's
relationship with a single parent, and also a conflict between an
adoptive parent and a birth parent, and as an adoptee myself, I
found the choices she makes to be quite refreshing. Zhang Yang plays
an altogether different and nicer man here than he did in The Wild,
Wild Rose. Wang Lai adds great nuance as the birth parent who is torn
between her old relationship with the birth father and her new one
with the daughter who doesn't realize who she is, while Wang Yin
works wonders as the adoptive father who only wants the best for his
daughter, who in turn is caught in the middle without understanding
the nature of their relationship. I thought this film was moving and
memorable, with wonderful performances, and I recommend it highly.

Reviewer Score: 10