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英倫對決 (2017)
The Foreigner

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 03/23/2019
Summary: This is the way

Finally Jackie has learned to adapt to the times. A more elaborate and realistic argument, a character more suited to his age and a more serious tone. There are still some elements to be polished in all aspects, but now we are on the right track.
Jackie is an old immigrant, a former member of the special forces of his country, who now works in the United Kingdom, where a faction of the former IRA continues to kill people in brutal attacks. One of the victims is his daughter (although it should be his granddaughter or great granddaughter), so he threatens Brosnan, an ex-terrorist politician who now advocates for peace, to give him the names of the murderers.
Good moments of action and some pretty inspired scenes.
Anyway, it could have been a much better movie.

Reviewer Score: 6