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Qiming Film Company

Production Company
  The Magnificent Country (1937)
  The Flower Girl (1938)
  The Price of Amour (1938)
  The Dawning (1948)
Filming Company
  The Tender Heart (1937)
  Man of All Evil (1937)
  Lady, Be Mine (1937)
  Love in Wartime (1938)
  Woman Spies (1938)
  At this Crucial Juncture (1938)
  Murder at the Wedding (1938)
  The Magnificent Ones (1938)
  Root of All Evil (1938)
  Marriage Made in Heaven (1939)
  Breaking Through the Bronze Net (1939)
  The Blood-Stained Plum Blossom Fan (1940)
  Theft of the Red Pongee (1940)
  The Wanton Empress (1940)
  Fiery Village (1941)
  Conjugal Bliss (1941)
  Spring Engulfs the Mansion (1941)
  The Road Ahead (1941)
  The West Chamber Then and Now (1937)