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Grand Motion Picture Co., Ltd.

Production Company
  Seven Fairies (1963)
  Trouble on the Wedding Night (1964)
  Beauty of Beauties (1965)
  Dodder Flower (1965)
  Many Enchanting Nights (Part 2) (1966)
  The 14th Daughter of Hsin Family (1966)
  Many Enchanting Nights (Part 1) (1966)
  A Perturbed Girl (1966)
  When Dreams Come True (1967)
  Love Is More Intoxicating Than Wine (1967)
  Feng Yang Flower Drum (1967)
  The Dawn (1968)
  Romance in Northern Country (1968)
  The Stranger (1968)
  Black Bull and White Snake (1969)
  Four Moods (1970)
  The Big Raid (1974)