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Welcome to the HKMDB

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HKMDB stands for the Hong Kong Movie Database, a comprehensive online database dedicated to cataloging information on Hong Kong films, actors, directors, and other industry professionals. Here, you can find a wealth of information, including film details, actor and director profiles, reviews, ratings, and more.

The HKMDB's data is completely bi-lingual. It is in the Chinese language as well as in English. While primarily in English, the site's data is 100% based in the Chinese language. No films or persons are added to this database without first having a Chinese name.

The HKMDB data is meticulously added, maintained and updated by the tremendous work and extreme multi-decade dedication of the HKMDB Immortals, and the rest of the HKMDB Editors and contributors team.

On the technical side, the site's unix server, storage, backups, *sql database, HTML::Mason, perl and php code, and html/css markup...have been administered, maintained and developed by me (BKasten) starting in 2002. In 2000, the original relational database schema and perl/mason code were implemented by Eric Schneider and Dave Rolsky.

Ryan Law did all the original content research, and founded the HKMDB on Nov 1st 1995.
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