Merge suggest: 江子揚 with 揚子江

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Merge suggest: 江子揚 with 揚子江

Postby heinz Germany » Sun Dec 19, 2021 10:18 am

Chiang Chih-Yang 江子揚 ... ay_set=eng
Yeung Chi-Kong(2) 楊子江 ... ay_set=eng

The "Investigation" started after I found the new poster upload from Oliver for "The Dangerous Guy" ... ay_set=eng
and I told him I updated the cast with 5 names found on the poster including Chiang Chih-Yang then he came across the double.. The real name, as Oliver pointed out is visible on that poster ... ay_set=eng

And we both vote for not Cantonese and replacing the inappropriate "Chih" with "Tze" or "Tse" (Taiwanese style)

P.S.: We still have that 詹富雄 on the poster, maybe an early alias for 鄭富雄 / (Cheng Fu-Hung), but did he appear in that one?
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Re: Merge suggest: 江子揚 with 揚子江

Postby Michael Kistner » Tue Dec 21, 2021 9:23 am

Added 詹富雄.

Chiang Chi-Yang and Yeung Chi-Kong (2) look in my opinion not like the same person.
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Re: Merge suggest: 江子揚 with 揚子江

Postby kwhkmdb » Sun Jan 16, 2022 12:45 am

i register just to answer this question.
a line of chinese text reads from top to bottom. the next line is to the left of the 1st line. when a line of text is written horizontally, it is written from 'right to left'. it has been the way for several thousand years. see the plaque on old buildings such as a temple or the forbidden city.
reading horizontally from left to right is a new thing in the 20th century. so one poster reads from top to bottom. the other reads right to left horizontally the traditional way. so be careful when reading horizontal chinese text. it can go either way.

btw, you can tell how to read horizontal chinese left to right or right to left from left justification or right justification of the whole page if you don't know chinese.
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Re: Merge suggest: 江子揚 with 揚子江

Postby bkasten » Sun Jan 16, 2022 4:00 pm

Thanks for your contribution, Ken!
Feel free to continue to contribute,
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