Pseudonyms and other names in Winners' Workshop movies

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Pseudonyms and other names in Winners' Workshop movies

Postby yukabacera » Wed Jul 28, 2021 10:56 pm

Winners' Workshop was a very prolific video movie producer and they often credited some staff with seemingly incomplete names and pseudonyms. I've gathered a few of my observations and suggested changes in this thread and might add more in the future. For now:

Lai Chi-hung, Chi Hung and Gees Lai

Lai Chi-hung is credited on a couple of Winners' Workshop movies and is a sound engineer. "Chi Hung" is credited on a lot more of them, and both Lai Chi-hung and Chi Hung have been co-credited with "Jacky" ( ...maybe "Jackson Lai"? ( I think this is enough to say they're the same person.

Then, there's Gees Lai. I found a Facebook profile under this name. It doesn't have a lot of information but it has some interesting details:
1. he posted a picture of a mixing console, implying familiarity with sound engineering
2. he liked the page of In Your Dreams (, a movie Lai Chi-hung worked on
3. he liked the page of composer Vic Lui, who has worked with Lai Chi-hung on at least one movie (
I think all of this also leads to the conclusion that Gees Lai and Lai Chi-hung are also the same person. I realize it might be more contentious than the above, though, so please comment.

Equal Dubbing Production Co.

Some movies have a Chinese-only credit for 藝高配音制作公司. The Mandarin pronunciation of 藝高 could be equivalent to the 'Equal' name, and the rest of the name matches. The abovementioned "Chi Hung" (or Lai Chi-hung) and "Jacky", as well as Chow Kam-wing ( are commonly credited on movies that also credit either 藝高配音制作公司 or Equal Dubbing Production Co.
I think this all points to 藝高配音制作公司 being the Chinese name of Equal Dubbing Production Co., although I was unable to find an actual bilingual credit or other kind of confirmation.


One 楊金獎 has a few assistant editor credits in other Winners' Workshop movies. The specific character 獎 seems to be somewhat rare for names (we only have one other person in the DB with it), and usage of it is consistent across movies that credit both the singular 'Cheung' (獎) and 楊金獎. I think this is enough to say that 楊金獎 is 'Cheung's' full name.

Bobby and Po Chai

Both of them have music-related credits on Winners' Workshop movies. At least one movie credits Po Chai on the cover but Bobby in the movie, although another movie also has credits for both of them. Po Chai could be a diminutive for a name like Bobo or something, which is similar to Bobby. I'll look into this more but I think they could be the same.

Eve Flenda and Ho Siu-yin

Just like with Bobby, there is some credit overlap. I'll look into it more.


To sum up for now, I would like to:
- merge Chi Hung's sound recording credits (leaving the editing ones alone for now) and Gees Lai into Lai Chi-hung
- add 藝高配音制作公司 as the Chinese name of Equal Dubbing Production Co.
- change Cheung's name to 楊金獎. is the proper transcription Yeung Kam-cheung? I'm not too good with Cantonese.

Does anyone have any disagreements or further insight? Thanks.
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Re: Pseudonyms and other names in Winners' Workshop movies

Postby bkasten » Fri Jul 30, 2021 2:04 pm

Thanks for the detailed arguments. I am generally ok with these.
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