Jeon Yeong-rok - ID

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Jeon Yeong-rok - ID

Postby J.J.Hayden » Fri May 10, 2024 4:04 pm

Just throwing in another quick one while I was looking into an unrelated matter. I created a new person page for Jeon Yeong-rok and added his data, I had started on a mini bio for him a while ago, so I thought I might as well add it as it was and can come back to update it at a latter date, I think War City: Die To Win [1988] is likely to be the only film of his to appear on the HKMDB anyway, so no rush. I also did an update and mini bio for his father Hwang Hae while I was at it, plus updated the info about War City and the director of the original Korean footage from The Great Ambition [1987].

Jeon Yeong-rok

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