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Chin Kuo-Chao
Kam Kwok-Chiu,  Yin Kuo-Chao,  Gam Gwok-Chiu,  Roy Chin
Filmography (1979-2021)
  Actor (1 film)
    My Son Is a Genius (1990)    
  Director (3 films)
    The Game They Call Sex (1987)    
    Flyin Dance (2000)    
    Pegasus: On the Brink (2021)    
  Writer (1 film)
    Flyin Dance (2000)    
  Executive Director (1 film)
    The Story of a Small Town (1979)    
  Assistant Director (1 film)
    Good Morning, Taipei (1979)    
  Planning (1 film)
    Old Man and Girl (1989)