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李承鉉  ♂
Lee Seung-Hyun (1)
Nathan Scott Lee,  Lee Seung-Hyeon,  이승현
Born: October 30th, 1984 (Los Angeles, CA, United States)

Filmography (2010-2018)
  Actor (8 films)
    Odds in Love (2010)    
    Rose War of Nana (2010) ... Luo Yang
    Love Shock (2011)    
    Rock Paper Scissors (2011)    
    Rhapsody of Marriage (2012)    
    My Boyfriends (2012)    
    Money Game (2015)    
    Love Only (2018)    
  U.S. born Korean. Actor, singer, and member of the band TAKE. Married to Stephy Qi in 2014.