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Kuei Chih-Hung
Kuei Cheh-Hung,  Kwei Chi-Hung,  Siu Kwai,  Kuei Chi-Hung,  Kwai Chi-Hung,  Gwai Chi-Hung,  Kwee Chi-Hung
Born: December 20th, 1937 (Hong Kong) - Died: October 1st, 1999

Filmography (1961-1984)
  Actor (2 films)
    Dear Murderer (1969) ... Secretary He
    Tales of Larceny (1973) ... 1) Master Kwei, soldier at festival
  Director (38 films)
    Tian Kong Teng Hao Ren (1961)    
    Love Song Over the Sea (1970)    
    A Time for Love (1970)    
    The Lady Professional (1971)    
    The Gourd Fairy (1972)    
    Stranger in Hong Kong (1972)    
    Intrigue in Nylons (1972)    
    The Delinquent (1973)    
    Payment in Blood (1973)    
    The Bamboo House of Dolls (1973)    
    The Killer Snakes (1974)    
    Virgins of the Seven Seas (1974)    
    The Tea House (1974)    
    Ghost Eyes (1974)    
    The Rat Catcher (1974)    
    Big Brother Cheng (1975)    
    Fearful Interlude (1975)    
    Spirit of the Raped (1976)    
    Homicides - The Criminals, Part II (1976)    
    Killers on Wheels (1976)    
    Mr. Funny Bone (1976)    
    Arson - The Criminals, Part III (1977)    
    Assault - The Criminals, Part IV (1977)    
    The Teenager's Nightmare (1977)    
    Crazy Imposters (1978)    
    The Reckless Cricket (1979)    
    The Gold Connection (1979)    
    Killer Constable (1980)    
    Coward Bastard (1980)    
    Hex (1980)    
    Hex Versus Witchcraft (1980)    
    Corpse Mania (1981)    
    Bewitched (1981)    
    Hex After Hex (1982)    
    Curse of Evil (1982)    
    Godfather from Canton (1982)    
    The Boxer's Omen (1983)    
    Misfire (1984)    
  Writer (5 films)
    Love Song Over the Sea (1970)    
    A Time for Love (1970)    
    Stranger in Hong Kong (1972)    
    Hex (1980)    
    Corpse Mania (1981)    
  Assistant Director (18 films)
    Lover's Rock (1964)    
    Song of Orchid Island (1965)    
    The Monkey Goes West (1966)    
    Princess Iron Fan (1966)    
    Hong Kong Nocturne (1967)    
    Operation Lipstick (1967)    
    Inter-Pol (1967)    
    Trapeze Girl (1967)    
    King Drummer (1967)    
    Hong Kong Rhapsody (1968)    
    Summer Heat (1968)    
    Tropicana Interlude (1969)    
    Dear Murderer (1969)    
    Whose Baby Is in the Classroom? (1969)    
    The 5 Billion Dollar Legacy (1970)    
    Love Without End (1970)    
    The Orchid (1970)    
    Supermen Against the Orient (1974)    
  Story (1 film)
    The Boxer's Omen (1983)    
  F/X Designer (1 film)
    The Boxer's Omen (1983)    
  Original in Guangdong, Kuei was born in Hong Kong in 1937. Educated in Taiwan for directing, he participated in several projects immediately after graduate. Invited by Shaw Brothers and returned to Hong Kong, Kuei worked as assistant to directors such as Ho Meng-Hua and Chang Cheh, building his reputation as one of the hottest assistant directors in town. Kuei made his directorial debut in 1970 co-directing "Love Song Over the Sea" with Shih Ma-Shan. Although Kuei started with commercial fare such as "A Time For Love", he later found his niche with gritty, realistic dramas and crime thrillers. Among his more representative works at Shaw Brothers were "The Tea House", "Big Brother Cheng" and several for the crime series "The Criminals", which firmly established his reputation as one of the top crime thriller directors in town. "The Boxer's Omen" is one of the last projects he made in Shaw Brothers. Later he retired from film and settled in U.S. Died in 1999 whe he was 62.

From the Celestial DVD release of "Godfather of Canton".

Son: Beaver Kwei Yau-Ming