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鄭碧雪  ♀
Lorna Tee
Cheng Bik-Suet
Filmography (1969-2017)
  Actor (1 film)
    Joys of Love on a Spring Night (1969)    
  Producer (4 films)
    Crazy Stone (2006)    
    Rain Dogs (2006)    
    At the End of Daybreak (2010)    
    Mrs K (2017)    
  Co-Producer (2 films)
    I'll Call You (2006)    
    My Mother Is a Belly Dancer (2006)    
  Executive Producer (2 films)
    Love Story (2006)    
    Lover's Discourse (2010)    
  Planning (1 film)
    The Shoe Fairy (2005)    
  Married to producer/director Daniel Yu. Both were executives at Andy Lau's Focus Films until their departure at the end of 2006. Tee was Marketing and Distribution Officer with the company.