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周詩祿  ♂
Chow Sze-Luk
Chow See-Luk,  Zhou Shilu,  Zhou Shi-Lu,  Chow Sze-Loke,  Chow See-Look,  Chow Shih-Luk
Born: 1907 (Shanghai, China) - Died: September 7th, 1964

Filmography (1932-1964)
  Director (131 films)
    Joy and Success (1948)    
    Everything Goes My Way (1948)    
    Two Drug Addicts Sweep a Long Dike (1948)    
    Native Scholar (1948)    
    Wu Song's Adventure of the Lion Pavilion (1948)    
    God's Punishment to the Good Man (1948)    
    The Great Wall (1949)    
    Lu Bu's Trick on Diao Chan (1949)    
    The Red Chamber Dream (1949)    
    The Handsome Master (1949)    
    Shi Xiu's Uproar in Cuiping Hill (1949)    
    Chen Shimei Betrayed His Wife (1949)    
    The Cow Boy and the Sewing Girl (1949)    
    Night Hanging of Bai Furong (1949)    
    Zhuo Wenjun's Night Visit to Xiangru (1949)    
    Meeting a Ghost while Hunting (1949)    
    Beating the Matchmaker (1949)    
    Mo Tsung's Bloody Fight at Double Pavilion (1949)    
    Swordsman of Shu Mountain (1949)    
    Walking Corpse of an Old Temple (1950)    
    Solving the Copper-netted Trap (1950)    
    Two Roaming Orphan Girls (1950)    
    White Poplar, Red Tears (1950)    
    Death Is Welcome When Life Is Dreary (1950)    
    A Good Mother and a Hooker (1950)    
    A Wolf in the Girl's Fold (1950)    
    Where Shall We Meet Again? (1950)    
    How Song Jiang Slew His Mistress Yan Poxi (1950)    
    The Great Idler (1950)    
    Promotion Means Money (1951)    
    Daddy and Sonny (1951)    
    A Star of Mischief (1951)    
    Eight Immortals in the World of Men (1951)    
    The Story of Afu (1951)    
    The Scatterbrain (1951)    
    The Conmen (1951)    
    Master Adou, a Native of Darling (1952)    
    The Young Lady's Escort Army (1952)    
    The Fool on Honeymoon (1952)    
    The Ghost That Created an Uproar in Guangchanglong (1952)    
    The Dunce Attends a Birthday Party (1952)    
    Paying Nocturnal Mourning to White Lotus (1952)    
    My Beloved Grandchild (1952)    
    Beautiful Matching (1952)    
    The Female White Golden Dragon (1953)    
    Happy Marriage (1953)    
    Stealing Chickens to Help Mother (1953)    
    Flowers of Wealth (1953)    
    A Buddhist Recluse for 14 Years (1953)    
    The Ghostly Wife (1953)    
    The Mad Monk by the Sea (1953)    
    Another Chance for Love (1953)    
    A Ghostly Tale (1953)    
    Swallows' Return (1953)    
    Unexpected Luck (1953)    
    The Ox Pulls the Plough While the Horse Eats the Grain (1953)    
    Cupid Above (1953)    
    Woman in Grief (1953)    
    A Scholar in a Buddhist House (1953)    
    When Beauty Fades from the Twelve Ladies' Bower (1954)    
    A Phoenix in Springtime (1954)    
    Spring's Abundance (1954)    
    Pregnant for Eighteen Years (1954)    
    It's Fun Getting Together (1954)    
    The Elopement (1954)    
    Beautiful Crab Apple Flower (1954)    
    Life (1954)    
    Heaven Never Lets the Kind-Hearted Down (1954)    
    Her Difficult Life (1954)    
    Heartbreak Petals (1954)    
    Meng Jiangnu's Wail Shattered the Great Wall (1955)    
    Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1955)    
    The Cowboy and the Spinning Girl (1955)    
    The Eternal Peony (1955)    
    Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs (1955)    
    Xue Mei Teaches Her Son (1955)    
    The Story of Sit Ping-Kwai and Wong Bo-Chuen (1955)    
    The Legend of the White Snake (1955)    
    Till Death Do Us Part (1955)    
    Shilin Offers Sacrifice to the Leifeng Pagoda (1955)    
    Silver Phoenix (1955)    
    The Grand Reunion (1956)    
    Feather Fan Under Spring Lantern (1956)    
    Nocturnal Mourning for White Lotus (1956)    
    White Gold Dragon and His Impersonator (1956)    
    The Story of Little Cabbage and Yang Naiwu (1956)    
    Fiery Reds and Blazing Purples (1956)    
    Pearl of the Island (1957)    
    The Dances of Charm (1957)    
    Return on a Snowy Night (1957)    
    The Fairy Sleeves (1957)    
    The Marriage Between the Quick and the Dead (1957)    
    An Orphan Raised on Love (1957)    
    Crime of Passion in the Hotel (1958)    
    Marriage on the Rocks (1958)    
    The Rich Young Lady (1958)    
    The Fairy Shepherdess (1958)    
    A Pretty Girl's Love Affair (1958)    
    Mother's Broken Heart (1958)    
    Lovers' Tears (1958)    
    A Virtuous Girl from a Humble House (1958)    
    Princess Jade Lotus (1958)    
    The Story of a Chaste Woman (1958)    
    Sweet Girl in Terror (1958)    
    Young Rock (1959)    
    The Case of the Female Corpse (1959)    
    Besieged (1959)    
    The Vengeance of the Vampire (1959)    
    Love on the Lonely Bridge (1959)    
    Bride from Another Town (1959)    
    The Fragrance of Durians (1959)    
    The Ever-blooming Waterlilies (1960)    
    The Pursuers (1960)    
    Death to the Killer (1960)    
    Love Knot (Part 1) (1960)    
    Love Knot (Part 2) (1960)    
    Love and Chastity (1960)    
    A Helping Hand (1960)    
    Case of Murder (1961)    
    Fan to Remember (1961)    
    Chase (1961)    
    When the Poles Meet (1961)    
    Mother (1961)    
    The Jade Hairpin (1962)    
    Women's World (1963)    
    Bedside Horror (1963)    
    Stepmother (1963)    
    Twin Charms (1963)    
    The Amorous Lotus Pan (1964)    
    A Happy Union of North and South (1964)    
    The Female Prince (1964)    
  Writer (3 films)
    Two Roaming Orphan Girls (1950)    
    Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs (1955)    
    Death to the Killer (1960)    
  Producer (15 films)
    The Woman General (1939)    
    The Beautiful and the Handsome (1947)    
    Third-Master Sha and the Lady Yin (1947)    
    The Wedding Night (1947)    
    A Spoilt Brat (1948)    
    Lu Bu's Trick on Diao Chan (1949)    
    The Red Chamber Dream (1949)    
    The Cow Boy and the Sewing Girl (1949)    
    Mo Tsung's Bloody Fight at Double Pavilion (1949)    
    Happy Marriage (1953)    
    How Wong Fei-Hung Set Fire to Dashatou (1956)    
    Nocturnal Mourning for White Lotus (1956)    
    Love Is Like a Running Brook (1956)    
    A Happy Union of North and South (1964)    
    Childless Wife (1964)    
  Cinematographer (15 films)
    Trace (1932)    
    Drifting (1933)    
    Nocturnal Mourning (1935)    
    Burning of the Efang Palace (1935)    
    The Woman Spy (1936)    
    The Glowing Pearl (1937)    
    A Man and a She-Ghost (1939)    
    The Empress Dowager (1940)    
    Gone Are the Swallows When the Willow Flowers Wilt (1946)    
    A Dream of Spring (1947)    
    Madame X (1947)    
    Where Is My Darling? (1947)    
    Return of the Swallows (1948)    
    Charlie's Escape from the Tianxian Trap (1949)    
    Latecomer in the Snow (1949)    
  Production Manager (24 films)
    Happiness Is a Well-Defended Home (1937)    
    The Swordswoman of the Wild River: Against the Han Clan (1940)    
    The Furry Rat (1941)    
    Yeung Nai-mo and Little Cabbage: The Trial of Yeung Nai-mo (1952)    
    Yang Naiwu and Xiao Baicai (1952)    
    Princess Jade Lotus (1958)    
    Glass Slippers (1959)    
    Nine Victims to a Murder (1960)    
    The Girl and the Sea (1960)    
    The Pursuers (1960)    
    The Orphan in Distress (1960)    
    Secret Agent: The Swallow (1960)    
    The Sleeping Beauty (1960)    
    The Greenhorn in Love (1960)    
    The Simpleton and the Thief (1960)    
    A Night of Thrills (1960)    
    A Helping Hand (1960)    
    Pubescence (1961)    
    Teenage Beat (1961)    
    Magic Cave (1961)    
    Manhunt (1961)    
    The Wife's Husband (1962)    
    The Prayer of Tears (1962)    
    The Four Sisters (1963)