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鄧小宇  ♂
Teng Hsiao-Yu
Deng Siu-Yu,  Peter Dunn Siu-Yue,  Dang Siu-Yue
Born: October 31st, 1951

Filmography (1958-1980)
  Actor (15 films)
    Prince of the Sea (1958)    
    Our Beloved Son (1959)    
    For Better, For Worse (1959) ... Xiaohu
    The Long Voyage Home (1959)    
    Malayan Affair (1960)    
    Between Tears and Laughter (1960) ... Lu Xiao-hong
    The Greatest Civil War on Earth (1961) ... Li Chien-Hua
    Education of Love (1961) ... Zhang Yaozong
    The Pistol (1961) ... Shen Xiao-Guang/Hsiao-Kuang
    Bitter Sweet (1963)    
    Father and Son (1963)    
    The Lady and the Thief (1963) ... Second Brother Li
    Father Takes a Bride (1963) ... Wang Ching-Fang
    Lady General Hua Mulan (1964) ... Hua Mu Di (child)
    Dangerous Encounter - 1st Kind (1980)    
  Child star, attended University of Georgia (journalism), returned to Hong Kong and wrote under various pseudonyms. Brothers: Paul Dunn and Patrick Dunn.