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傅正義  ♂
Fu Zheng-Yi
Fu Ching-Yee
Born: 1925

Filmography (1948-1989)
  Editor (12 films)
    Sorrows of a Bride (1948)    
    Myriads of Lights (1948)    
    The Story of Orphan San Mao (1949)    
    Three Girls (1949)    
    Hope to the World (1949)    
    Catch Them in Their Den (1956)    
    The Girl from Shanghai (1958)    
    Wild Boar Forest (1963)    
    Three Black Triangles (1977)    
    Spectre (1985)    
    The Man and the Monkey (1986)    
    The Night Robbery (1989)    
  Honorary President of the Chinese Society of Film Editors