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仇政  ♀
Chau Ching
Chio Teng,  Joanna Chou,  Chio Tenq

Filmography (1978-2002)
  Actor (11 films)
    Third Prince Na Cha (1978)    
    The Third Sword (1978)    
    The Coldest Winter in Peking (1980)    
    The Flute Player of Wrath (1981)    
    The Swordsman (1981)    
    Imperial Lady Mi (1982)    
    Silly Partner (1982)    
    Xiao Jing Ling Chi Wan Pi Gui (1982)    
    The Clownest Person Has Good Luck (1983)    
    Black and White (1983)    
    Blue Gate Crossing (2002) ... Rou's mother